The Deal

That feeling of uselessness and self pity will disappear.



Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope for free and for fun so that other alcoholics may recover through the solution we have found to our common problem: Alcoholism.

Every single one of us was new to AA at some point in our journey and although we didn't arrive in the same ship, we are all in the same boat now. We have members as young as 18 years of age spanning to members in their 80's. Sobriety starting from a handful of days to a member with 44 years.

The Men at the deal come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, creeds, race and faiths but stand together in the face of our common problem: Alcoholism.

Together we support each other in working the solution to Alcoholism: The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  We learn about the action we need to take in order to recover through our basic text from which the fellowship acquired its name: The Big Book of "Alcoholics Anonymous".


Shares that are recorded at our weekly Sunday meeting at 611 High st Armadale.

These shares include members ranging from a few months sober to 44 years sober, sharing their experience, strength and hope on what it was like before they came to AA, What they did when they arrived in recovery and what their life is like today.

Sharing - Sunday Night Meeting

Big Book Study - Sunday Night Meeting

History Study - Wednesday Night Meeting


“We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness”

Alcoholics Anonymous|  Page 83


Ready to help?



Camp Out

The Deal Men's group go on 3 camp outs a year!

Join us 3 times a year for 3 days of fellowship, recovery, meetings, great food and an experience of what living sober is all about.

The details for our next Camp Out at Stevensons Falls in November can be found here.

Campout 1

Johanna Beach, Johanna VIC 3238
Fri 01-Mar to Sun 03-Mar 2019

Campout 2

Mount Franklin Forest Reserve, Mt Franklin, VIC 3461
Fri 26-Jul to Sun 28-Jul 2019

Campout 3

Stevensons Falls Campground, Upper Gellibrand Road, Barramunga VIC 3249
Fri 08-Nov to Sun 10-Nov 2019

$60 - Food, tents, fellowship & sobriety included.
Payments made to the camp out secretary or treasurer at our meeting (spots fill quickly)


Service Jobs and Commitments

Service is a very essential part necessary for recovery. The Deal encourages its members to take up service commitments. The commitments are rotated once a year. The following are the commitments and the members currently serving these

  • Sunday Meeting Secretary(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Glen D

  • Wednesday Meeting Secretary(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Simon R

  • Treasurer(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Josh W

  • GSR(Sobriety needed for 2+ years) : Rohan

  • Alternate GSR(Sobriety needed for 2+ years): Dean S

  • Sunday Meeting Literature(Sobriety needed for 6 months + ): Steve J

  • Wednesday Meeting Literature(Sobriety needed for 6 + years): Himadri C

  • Workbooks, Newcomers guide, prayer books printout(Sobriety needed for 6 months +): Josh D

  • SMS birthdays and group updates(Sobriety need for 1 + years): Mike G/ Glen D

  • Camp out treasurer(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Steve A

  • Camp out secretary(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Steve A

  • Public information(Sobriety need for 1 + years): Dean S

  • Prisons(Sobriety needed for 2 + years): Simon M, Andrea F

  • Speaker picker (Sobriety needed for 2 + years and go to plenty of meetings): David M

  • Sunday Meeting 12 steps office rep (Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Mark M

  • Wednesday Meeting 12 steps office rep(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Glen D

  • Group visits (Sobriety needed for 6 + months) Andrew P

  • Rehabs/speakers(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Sean K, Gareth P

  • Sunday meeting Sponsor member (Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Mark M

  • Wednesday meeting Sponsor member(Sobriety needed for 1 + years): Josh D

  • CDs USBs (Sobriety needed for 6 months + ): Ry A

  • Kitchen head (Sobriety needed for 3 months +): Aiden W / Daniel P

  • Internet/Website and Recordings(Sobriety needed for 1+ years): Himadri C

  • Wednesday meeting Tea /Coffee rep: Xavier

  • Greeter person (Sobriety needed for 6 + months): New commitment

Commitments will be rotated in the next group consent — to be held on 29th September 2019



At the deal we provide a whole raft of material to assist you in your recovery. In particular we offer a Workbook and a Prayer book. Please feel free to download anything from this site. For more information and help in completing the workbook we suggest you talk to your sponsor.

At our meeting we also provide AA printed literature. 

The Deal - Newcomer Guide

The Deal - Prayer Book

The Deal - Steps Workbook

AA Preamble